January 23, 2012

  • 6 Weeks Postpartum and Other Checkups…

    First time taking Luke “shopping”. Grandma Lee wanted to check things out so we went to keep her company. Luke wasn’t so excited. :P

    I saw my OB/GYN today for the 6 week postpartum checkup. The doctor said my uterus was almost back to its pre pregnancy size, the incision and area are healed up nicely and my blood pressure is totally normal. Glad to hear all this news but the most surprising thing was that I’m already back at my pre preggo weight! :O Say what?!?! I guess it’s all the breastfeeding.

    However, my body is definitely different now. It’s sorta sad but I feel like a deflated balloon. I was so blown up when I was pregnant and now well everything is sorta soft and squishy (sorry if this is TMI for anyone that comes across this post :P ). I’ve pretty much lost all muscle tone, even in my legs which is a first in my life. My usually ginormous calves have shrunk. :O

    Thankfully my doctor said I’m good to start exercising again and resuming all usual activities so I’m looking forward to getting back into shape (well some sort of shape) and fight the ajumma body that inevitably will come on full force in a few years. ;)  

    I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 weeks since Luke was born! We’re definitely new parent cliches -incredibly tired and totally over the moon about our baby. Time has never passed by as fast as it has for us before having Luke. I think half of the time it feels as though we’re stuck on repeat (diaper changes, feedings, trying to get the baby to sleep, etc) and the other half of the time we’re trying to maintain some semblance of normal or should I say pre-baby life (work, chores, family/friends, church, our relationship).

    We’ve entered a new, extremely challenging part of life and can already feel the pressure to maintain a healthy balance. I often have doubts about how we’ll be able to manage things but then I realize that everything is still too new to really gauge quite yet and that Luke is still a newborn.

    So many moms tell me that they’re eager for their kids to get to the next stage or developmental phase but then they miss their little baby. That’s already starting to happen to me too! I can’t wait for Luke to be on a schedule and to have a more regular routine but then I realize he’s already grown so much since we’ve brought him home! He’s put on at least 1.5 lbs and grown about 2 inches since his birthday. :O

    I think all the weight is going into his little face! His chin disappeared! :P These photos in particular made me realize how much our little one has grown in such a short time. Check out the little baby shirt on Luke below:

    Day 3: Luke looks like he’s wearing a little gown.

    Day 30: This pictures cracks me up -look at Oppa and Luke’s faces. Luke’s wearing the same shirt as the photo above -you can see more leg! :P

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