January 16, 2012

  • Luke’s 1 Month Update

    How is it possible that a month has passed since Luke was born?!?! Oppa and I keep saying it to each other but seriously what did we do this past month?! Actually we know -we’ve been changing Luke’s diapers, feeding, burping, putting him to sleep and then repeat over and over again!

    Luke about to take his first cab ride

    Life at Home

    When we left the hospital, it became so real to both Oppa and I that Luke was ours and that he was for keeps. ;) We were both so nervous to take him home in the cab and get him inside our apt.

    So tiny in his car seat!

    Oppa and I have been so touched by our friends and family throughout the entire pregnancy but during the first week we really were completely humbled and overwhelmed by the love and generosity of our friends and community in NYC. 

    Since Luke came early and my parents weren’t scheduled to come until Dec 27, our pastor’s wife Bethany set up a MealBaby registry for us so that people could bring us food. I thought I would be able to handle cooking and taking care of Luke but thank goodness Bethany convinced us to set up MealBaby! It was so wonderful not to have to worry about meals especially since I didn’t anticipate the c section or the longer recovery period.

    Our good friends Janet and Jason also helped us a great deal by not only bringing over so much food but by Janet showing us how to take care of Luke. I’m so thankful for her expertise as a NICU nurse! In and out of the hospital I’ve learned the most about caring for Luke from the nurses in my life! 


    We joke that Luke is our boss and call him sajangnim but really he’s a good baby and loves baths, tummy time and both his swing and bouncer. He cracks us up with his man farts (a couple of times I couldn’t believe they were coming from him!) and has a signature wink/smile. We love his little baby sounds and his noisy eating habit. 

    Working on his signature wink/smile combo

    Luke looked a lot like Oppa when he was born but as he’s plumping up he’s starting to look like me. kekek Actually sometimes I see my dad in his face, especially his face shape. His eyes are definitely Oppa’s and also his feet and toes! It’s the cutest thing how their toenail beds are so similar. We noticed Luke has a widow’s peak like mine. We pulled out my newborn photo and our hairlines are exactly the same. Hopefully though Luke will have a head of hair like his daddy’s and not experience the thinning that runs in my side of the family.

    Hanging out in his swing


    It’s crazy how much life has changed in such a short period of time. What all parents say is true -you will never get to sleep as much as you did before having a baby! We’re often delirious and exhausted, especially during the late (or rather super early) feedings. Several times while I nursed Luke I’ve completely passed out with him in my arms.

    The first 2 weeks Luke slept and ate like a champ. He would pass out after every feeding and sleep for about 1.5, sometimes 2 hours. His little belly always seemed to empty so fast and hunger would wake him up. Week 3 with my parents was tough because my mom would love to rock him to sleep. Luke started fighting his naps toward the end of their visit and all throughout week 4 and 5. :( He’s still sleeping about an average of 14 hours/day but often times will stay up for up to 2.5 hours before going down for a nap. We’ve been reading up on sleep cues and trying our best to make sure Luke stays up no longer than 1 hour between sleeping.


    Nursing Luke has been a fairly good experience. He’s never had an issue with latching and also does ok with the occasional bottle as long as it’s not me feeding him the bottle (it’s amazing how babies know!). 

    The first week of breastfeeding I was constantly thirsty. I think I drank at least 5-6 liters of water/day! Then the 2nd week my appetite came back in a fury! I found myself so hungry every 2-3 hours for carbs like when I was training for a half marathon. I’m still snacking fairly often but trying to keep things healthy by eating apples and clementines.

    Luke definitely went through a growth spurt during week 4 and 5. He ate so much more than normal and would wake up more often like a starved little man. I’ve gotten the hang of nursing him and managing the craziness that comes with breastfeeding (leaks, engorgement, pumping, etc). I really hope I can breastfeed for at least 6 months. 

    Doctor’s Appts

    We found a family clinic within walking distance from our apartment and really like our pediatrician.

    At birth Luke was: Weight 8.4 lbs Height 20.5 inches Head 35.5cm

    4 day appt: Weight 8 lbs Height 20.5 inches Head 36.2cm

    2 week appt: Weight 9.7 lbs Height 22 inches Head 38.1 cm

    At Luke’s first pediatrician’s appointment

    It’s so encouraging to see Luke growing and flourishing so much in one month! The only somewhat bad thing was that Luke looked a little yellow during his 2 week appt so he had to get his heel pricked to collect blood for a bilirubin test and then two weeks later we had to go back to do it again to make sure the level went down. He hated the heel prick and blood collection because we had to hold his feet down. :( Poor baby cried the hardest and for the longest we’ve experienced so far.

    Thankfully his bili levels were fairly low to begin with and have gone down to normal.


    I think my recovery was faster than I originally thought it would be. After having my appendix taken out I felt discomfort for nearly a month but surprisingly the c section recovery seems to be going better.

    Percocet made me feel like I could do anything so there were some days the first week at home I know I overdid things. But I also think getting up and moving around helped me to recover faster and get back into the swing of things. 

    I walked around like a little old lady for about 3 weeks but I’m feeling more and more spry. The only thing that’s slightly uncomfortable is my belly above the incision. Not sure why but it feels slightly sore when I touch it.

    At my two week postpartum appt the doctor said things looked well with the incision and said I could take ibuprofen for any discomfort. I also weighed myself out of curiosity (they don’t weight you until the 6 week appt) and lost about 12 pounds of the baby weight so far.


    It’s strange and wonderful to now be a family of 3! We often have these “oh my” moments of realization and get all giddy and excited that we have a child. We’ll look at Luke in awe and can’t believe he came out of my belly. It’s so sweet to see Oppa with Luke and see how they interact. We both are so thankful for him!

    It was so wonderful to see my parents with Luke and also to see how excited my brothers were to meet him. Before Luke was born my mom warned me about developing bad habits but of course the moment she meets him she wouldn’t let him cry and wanted to hold him for hours. She kept saying she was going to spoil him now and that we could start the training/disciplining after they left. -_- 

    Mom and Dad meeting Luke for the first time

    My mom calls me almost every day to let me know her arms ache to hold him and how much she misses him. It’s the sweetest thing! I hope to fly my mom up again in March for a weekend to visit us. In the meantime I try and upload new photos of Luke every week and order prints for them online to pick up at the Sam’s Club near their house.

    We still have so much to learn as parents but are enjoying the experience and try to make sure we chill out with Luke and enjoy him each day. Some days it’s so easy for us to get wrapped up with work and household matters but I appreciate it when Luke snaps us out of the grind and we get to laugh at the cute baby things he does, take a moment to hold his little hand or snuggle with him cheek to chubby little cheek. Makes me all moony just thinking about these things!

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  • Eugenia, I am so glad you posted! Luke is adorable and I hope I get to meet him :)   Glad things are going well for you and your new family, it was so nice to read about your first month and it’s so obvious how much love you guys have for him. Congrats again!

  • @Stephanie@ireallylikefood - Hi Steph! It took me two weeks to write that post! :O I had to do it in parts between taking care of Luke but will try to post monthly updates about him. ;)

    Can’t wait to see you soon! Thanks for stopping by!!

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