February 16, 2012

  • Luke’s 2 Month Update

    Happy 2 Months to our baby boy! I will probably say this every month, but I can’t believe how fast and how slow time is going by. Fast in the sense that, wow our little one is growing up so quickly but slow in the sense that how can it only be two months? I feel like Luke’s been with us much longer than that. 


    Luke had a huge growth spurt this past month!

    At his two week appointment: Weight 9.7 lbs Height 22 inches Head 38.1 cm

    Today at his 2 month check up: Weight 15 lbs Height 24.5 inches Head 41.3 cm

    I never knew or bothered to look up what growth percentiles Luke was in before but our pediatrician told us today that for Luke’s weight he’s in the 98th percentile and for his height about 93rd percentile for 2 month olds. Our little baby is getting so big and heavy!!

    I love this set of photos of Luke taken after a good night’s sleep. He’s so smiley and happy in the morning. He looks so mischievous in these photos. :)

    Two weeks ago while I was holding him I went to pick something off the floor and strained something in my back. :( I’m really out of shape but it probably didn’t help that I was holding my little butterball. :P

    Luke’s vision and attention span has also started to get better and increase. We noticed that he seemed to focus on objects and would look around his room when we put him in his crib, so we got him a mobile and put picture books in as well for him to check out. 

    After he wakes up from a nap, he can entertain himself in his crib for up to 30 minutes sometimes! We’ll put his mobile on and watch him coo and smile at it in the baby monitor. 

    Luke also discovered his hand, or rather has discovered the art of putting this thing that comes near his face in his mouth to occasionally gnaw on. He finds a way to bust one arm out of his swaddle to put it in his mouth. 

    My favorite development of the month is his smiles! He gives us the biggest smiles in the morning after a good nap and when we talk to him. I LOVE to see him smile and try to catch his cute little mug on camera whenever I can to show my parents. Luke’s smiles totally melt my heart and make both me and Oppa all moony! :)  


    Maternity leave ended on Jan 31, and I started working part time on Feb 1. I’m so thankful that my bosses let me work from home and that the nature of my work is so flexible. While I miss going into the office and seeing my coworkers, I’m glad I can be at home to nurse Luke and to ease into the transition of going back full time. 

    Because Luke’s schedule can be unpredictable I realized that when he’s sleeping or when Oppa is watching him my “game face” comes on and I totally zone out and can get some serious work done. I feel like because time is limited my efficiency and productivity has gone up. I get things crossed off my to do list much faster than pre baby. :O I hope I can keep this up!

    Luke says “Momma, hwaiting!”


    The past month Grandma Lee (Su Seok’s mom) has been visiting us. The past month has definitely been a little crazier than usual because of the visit, but we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and begun to develop our parenting skills. It’s been interesting to see how Oppa interacts with his mom and how that could translate to the way he will interact with Luke later. Same goes for me. I realized during the past two months that I can show Luke how to respect and treat us as parents by the way we treat our own parents. 

    Going out to take a walk with Grandma Lee


    Since GLee has been staying in Luke’s room, Luke has been sleeping in a cosleeper in our room. I’m so glad we were able to borrow this from friends and thankful that Luke can sleep in it without any problems. He also loves to sleep in his swing. I’m eager though to get him napping during the day and sleeping at night in his room again. I think having Luke sleep in a separate room will help him sleep longer and deeper and also give us break from having to tip toe around him.

    Luke’s naps are on average about an hour to 1.5 hours long during the day and at night he sleeps on average in 2.5 hour chunks. One glorious night two weeks ago he slept 4 hours straight! I woke up startled, looking for Luke and realized he was still sleeping! It felt so amazing to get 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep! I hadn’t slept that long in two months. :O 

    The lack of night time sleep is definitely the toughest thing for us. We know this isn’t forever and hopefully within the next month or two Luke’s sleep will get a lot better. 

     Falling asleep in Daddy’s arms on a shopping excursion for Grandma


    Month 2 has been a time of adjustment and settling down. I feel like we’re getting the hang of things better and also able to work as a team pretty well. I am so thankful that Oppa is so hands on with Luke. I honestly didn’t expect him to be but sometimes Oppa is much better at taking care of Luke than I am! I love it! We have only been able to leave the apt once together without Luke this past month but it was such a nice little break. The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny that day so we walked to 1st Ave and ate at a little Hawaiian BBQ place and then took the 6 train downtown to try Lady M’s crepe cakes (soooo delish!). Surprisingly that 3 hour break was incredibly refreshing and re-energizing, not just for us individually but for our relationship. It was great to spend time alone and catch up with each other. Of course by the end of the date we were missing our little Luke. ;)

    Now for some gratuitous photos of Luke!

    Sitting on the boppy hanging out!

    Cute bear on the bum pants from Aunt Stef

    Holding up his neck!

    Swaddled and sitting on my preggo pillow ready to go to bed

    Looking like a big boy in his new onsie and shoes

    Smile! Playing on his playmat

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