August 14, 2011

  • Am I Imagining This?!

    Last Sunday night as I got situated in bed (s-shaped preggo pillow -check, euro square pillow -check, tempurpedic mushy pillow -check, no blankets on my side of the bed -check), I suddenly felt a strange feeling in my belly. I thought to myself ‘did I just imagine that?!’

    Ever since I read that at 16 weeks you can start to feel the baby (they say it feels like fluttering or gas bubbles silly), I tried to pay more attention to my belly and see if I could distinguish anything going on in there. Several mom friends said they couldn’t feel anything until week 20, so while I was disappointed I hadn’t felt anything yet, I wasn’t too worried.

    Then last Sunday night I felt this little twinge in my belly. I immediately called out to oppa and told him I think I felt the baby. I was so excited and hoped the baby would kick again. Oppa ran over and put his hand on my stomach, and then it happened again! 

    We both freaked out in excitement that we were able to feel the kick together! 

    I told oppa to talk to the baby. With every affectionate phrase, our baby kicked back in response. We were elated!

    So many folks ask me how I’ve been feeling and if anything seems really different now that I’m pregnant. To be honest, I didn’t really feel pregnant until this week. I’m obviously showing now (the belly is definitely a more distinguishable round shape and not just a bulging ddongbae), and with the kicking this week I feel reassured that there is actually a baby in there. winky

    Every time I feel a little kick I imagine our little one playing and squirming around in my stomach. It’s so hard to describe how it makes me feel, but I get so happy feeling this tiny being in my stomach. This might sound awful, but I’m only now starting to fall in love with this baby.

    Pregnancy and a baby had felt like a distant concept to me for so long that I held my affections and hopes for a baby at arm’s length. Even until this past week, I wondered why I didn’t feel this strong sense of love and excitement like so many of my pregnant friends did the moment they found out they were pregnant.

    I had to admit to myself I was scared and trying to protect my heart from the chance of disappointment again. I know that there is always the chance that something could go wrong but now when I start to feel negativity or doubt I just pray and give thanks for this baby.

    I’m now starting to feel more freedom to express love toward our baby, and I allow myself to dream and hope for this little one. My heart is full of gladness and thankfulness! We are greatly blessed to have gotten pregnant, and I never want to forget that! 

    I’m so glad it wasn’t my imagination! Baby -kick, kick, kick away!

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  • So exciting! I can totally understand your sense in actually feeling pregnant now. A baby kicking is an exciting and new phase and it’s awesome that you guys got to feel it together. :D

  • how far along are you now?  feeling the baby move is definitely exciting and it will only get stronger and stronger!

  • YOU’RE PREGNANT?~!?~!?~!?!~!? OMG?~!?~!?~!? why didn’t i know?? i had to find out cause i’m freakishly checking my old ass xanga!!!! omg. i wish you were here, i’d give you a huge fat hug and smooches!!!

  • awwwww~~~ .  miss you!!

  • @justbee - Hi Bee! Hope you guys are having a great weekend! I’m 22 weeks along today. :) The kicking is definitely getting stronger and now I can feel it moving around too! :O

  • @jellee - Awww I’m sorry you had to find out here. :P I thought Melanie might have told you. I’m 22 weeks long and gotta bonafide baby bump. ;) I miss you girly! The pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned so I had hopes of making a football comeback this year but God had other plans. ;) Hope you’re doing well girly!

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