July 19, 2011

  • Random Thoughts on Pregnancy: Part 2

    Baby at 13 weeks 

    -I’m convinced all the running I did in February and March is the reason why I got pregnant (well the running and God). silly 

    -Subway veggie delights are my new best friend. I’m amazed that’s the only thing I can repeatedly eat without feeling like crap. I started eating them during the worst part of the first trimester and still love them now 17 weeks in!

    -I’m actually looking forward to looking more pregnant. I just look really full all the time -like major ddongbae action. 

    -Suseok oppa has been amazing, accommodating, angelic even. I’m so thankful for his love and care for me! I know he’ll be an amazing dad. However, I question my tolerance of pain, annoyance and lack of sleep.

    -We were having the hardest time thinking of names so we gave up and will try again when we find out the sex of the baby. All the names I “claimed” for my future children when I was younger don’t seem appropriate or go well with oppa’s last name.

    -I love that my parents call the baby Jin Su/Su Jin! They took our Korean names and put them together to make up a boy’s name and girl’s name for fun. 

    -The phantom twitching in my left leg above my knee and in my left butt cheek had me pretty freaked out but after a quick search on Dr. Google I found out this is only the beginning in the random aches and pains that happen during pregnancy. shocked 

    -Repeatedly I find myself saying “I feel like an alien has taken over my body” to explain how I feel. kekeke 

    -Family/friends’ reactions to the photo above:

    “Whoa the baby is definitely Korean -big head and short legs!”

    “You’re having a Sour Patch Kid!”

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  • Haha, it kind of does look like a Sour Patch Kid! 

    I look forward to more updates, please keep writing! Glad you are doing well :D

  • @Stephanie@ireallylikefood - Thanks so much Steph! :) See you soon!

  • i am SO EXCITED for you! i will babysit for you any day you want for free – just bring me back cheap chinese :) xoxo etc.

  • yo where’s random thoughts of pregnancy part 1? is it like from a few years back?

    jin su/su jin i really like that!

    ah so great to meet up with all three of the Yangs today. cant wait to meet the little one and become an auntie =)

  • @Natalia - Thanks so much Natalia! :) I miss you girl! I was talking about your today with a new intern. I told her about the hidden cheap Chinese place and how you used to go there all the time! hehe

    I hope you’re doing well! I still want to visit you in Astoria one of these days!

  • @YoOnxKyUnG - Thanks soooo much for dinner and the amazing dinner tonight! You inspire me woman! I just realized part 1 is on private. I’ll see if I can make it public. ;)  

  • had no idea – congrats to you both!! :)

  • @booyah81 - Thanks so much Frank! :) We just finished telling our family and close friends so I finally felt ready to make some posts public about our pregnancy. ;) I hope you and your wife are doing well!

  • Congratulations, Eugenia!!!

  • @Sehsun - Thanks so much Iris! I hope you’re doing well! How’s everything going?

  • Eugenia…I still find it a bit surreal that you and hyung are having baby :D

  • @eugy - You’re welcome! Things are going pretty well for me here – I finally got another full-time nursing job and have recently started that. I’m also in my 3rd term of grad school. It’s a bit challenging trying to balance it all, but hopefully it will teach me better time management.

  • @kpmikey83 - You and me both!! ;) It still doesn’t feel real yet!

  • @Sehsun - Congrats on the new job! 

  • AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re going to be such a great mommy!!!

    Miss you!

  • @MssAnne - Thanks so much Anne! :) I miss you girly! I hope things in Cali are going well!

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