August 20, 2011

  • We’re Having a… Pumpkin!

    Two Mondays ago we went in for the 20 week anatomy ultrasound. We learned this is the exam where they check on the development of the baby’s heart, brain, vital organs and basic anatomy including sex. I was really anxious about this exam for a number of reasons.

    The main reason was because our first ultrasound results (measure of the nuchal translucency) came out slightly on the abnormal side, meaning there is an elevated risk our baby could have a chromosomal defect. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about this.

    After speaking with a genetic counselor, our doctor, my parents, some close friends (who have gone through the same situation) and a lot of praying we decided we wouldn’t pursue any genetic testing. There were a lot of different factors that went into this decision, but the main one was that genetic testing doesn’t correct or change any result of having a child with a chromosomal defect. Also for me the chance of miscarrying no matter how low really scared me, especially if we found out there was nothing wrong with our child. We decided that if our child is born with any defects we’d face these challenges as they came. 

    Another reason why I was anxious and excited about the exam was because I really wanted to know if we were having a boy or girl. After the results of the first ultrasound my preference for either went out the door, and my main desire was to have a healthy child. I know that sounds cliche but the exam really put things in perspective for me. 

    However, as the weeks went by and I found more peace with our decision, I started to realize that I really did have a preference and it sort of surprised me. I wanted a boy. 

    Oppa was surprised I wanted a boy too. From the beginning he wanted a girl and thought I would too, because I’m the first born in my family and super close to my mom. But I think because I’m the first born and always had so much responsibility and was like the second mom my whole life, I really wanted to have a boy so my little girl won’t have to feel that way. 

    Also, a lot of my close guy friends are the oldest ones in their families, and I’ve always been drawn to their maturity, caring nature, independence and sense of humor. I definitely think order of birth has a strong effect on your personal development. Not that a second born son or daughter couldn’t have those characteristics but I think that it’s much more natural in a first born child. I really hoped to raise a good son that can guide and protect his siblings. I got in several fights and hairy situations growing up trying to stick up for my brothers, and secretly wished I had an older brother to stick up for me. bummed

    So the day of the ultrasound came and the first thing they did was check the baby’s brain and organs. Everything looked good so far they said (a huge sigh of relief) and the doctor checked the heart again after the technician did to make sure.

    The ultrasound is such an amazing and fun thing to watch. We were so enraptured by the images of our child and could watch for hours if they let us. The whole time we were speechless and in awe of how much our little one had grown. 

    We saw the spine, arms, legs, fingers and toes. And then they started to look at the baby’s legs and bottom and right away I saw we were having a BOY! silly

    I teared up watching our little boy on the screen, but I was surprised that the first thing I thought after finding out we’re having a boy was ‘Dang I hope we have a girl next!’ I realized that my desire to have a daughter is really strong because of the wonderful relationship I have with my mom. I’m totally a Mama’s girl! I told Oppa what I was thinking and he cracked up and was like “you’re already thinking about the next one?!” laughing

    The technician wanted to give us a few photos from the ultrasound but told us that our little boy was being uncooperative and camera shy. We tried to get him to flip around but he was sleeping belly down and wouldn’t budge. He already sounds a lot like me!

    These are the only pictures that they gave us from the ultrasound and they cracked us up.

    His left and right foot -the little feet that love to kick!

    His lower legs -he looks like he has Kang legs!

    His very blurry profile, that took us awhile to figure out what we were looking at. ;)

    Later on that night we were chatting and unexpectedly came up with a nickname for our little boy. I’m a huge fun of squash and pumpkin anything and was telling Oppa that I wanted to buy some hobak (squash in Korean) the next day for dinner. He started to write a grocery list and asked what’s hobak in English. I said it could be zucchini, pumpkin or squash. He mentioned that the name “pumpkin” would be cute for a taemyung (Korean for nickname for a baby in utero). I told him one of my mom’s nicknames for me was “pumpkin pie” growing up, and that sealed it for us. We decided to refer to our little one as Pumpkin or Hobakee as a nickname. winky

    So now I’m 22 weeks along with Pumpkin. Time is flying by! We’re getting so excited about meeting him this Christmas! Yay!  

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  •  did not know you were expecting a pumpkin….more like a Christmas Ball! Praying for a healthy baby and safe delivery!

  • i wanted a girl too, but i’m happy that i had a boy first.  and you’re right about the responsibility thing — boys with older sisters end up as sister boys and oldest girls end up as second moms!

  • @seedsower - Thanks so much Beth for stopping by! :) Yes we’re having Christmas Ball! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  • darn it my comment didn’t post.

    take 2. 호박이 i <3 it. so cute and fitting. i’ve only recognized my own love for 호박 lately.

    must’ve been a lot of heartache in the beginning with the genetic scare. wish u would’ve told me.

    but glad either way that 호박이 is ok and can’t wait to meet the little guy.

    i miss the Yangs. lets catch up early next month! 

  • @YoOnxKyUnG - I love that you wrote hobak in Korean! It’s even cuter!! :)  

    I thought we told you about the first ultrasound results. :O I’m sorry for not mentioning it! We definitely can still use prayer about Hobak’s health. The 2nd ultrasound looked good but we won’t know for sure until Hobak’s born. 
    Let us know when you’re free to meet up! Miss you much too!!

  • Great update! Baby boy!

    Don’t name him Justin Hamilton or Tim Tebow. Thanks. 

  • @kpmikey83 - Hi Mikey!! Those names did come across my mind but yeah I won’t go there. ;) Hope you’re doing well!

  • The gender ultrasound is SO exciting, I bet! Congratulations on your little baby boy “Pumpkin!” 

  • Awww, seeing those ultrasounds was amazing! He’s INSIDE YOU! 

    When do we get to see pictures of how cute and pregnant you look? 

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